Artimpact Interiors is a full - service residential design firm, focusing on projects of all sizes and budgets. We will happily assist you designing the home of your dreams, or simply that living room that just doesn't come together the way you want it! Our commitment is to create inspired, beautiful and functional homes, that truly reflect our clients' personalities. We work alongside architects and developers to provide personalized assistance with space planning, finishes, custom - made furniture and accessories.

Our company was born a few years ago by the ever-changing blues, greens and purples of the Black sea - at it's Bulgarian shores. It started as a mission. A purpose. A need to help. To Help people understand the impact of beauty on the quality of their life, help our clients live in functional yet beautiful spaces that fully assist their lifestyle and ideologies, to encourage them to demand and expect excellence and harmony of the rooms they spend the most cherished moments of life in. 

That's what we do. Simple. Affordable. Bespoke. Tailor - made. For you.


    Nikole Kontrova